Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"green" vibrator

He said climate change had been his primary motivation rather than sexy fun.

"When I was a child we'd have months of good weather," the inventor said.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Um.. ok

So I posted Hugh Jackman is Gay on my other blog (btw I doubt he actually is: his response to gay rumors), along with my little joke theory about why he is gay... and two very disgruntled females decided to blast me..

Apparently they've been googling "Hugh Jackman is Gay" and blasting everyone who dares claim it!

"From: Nina

Nina has left a new comment on your post "Hugh Jackman is gay":

Do you know him personally? No. You bases such affirmations
exclusively on very stupid gossip expressed by others superficial as
you that they don't know him or they suppose to know him from details
that they don't mean anything.
Wake up and careful with the superficial sentences , the world is full
of young men gotten married to older and less beautiful women of them,
this doesn't mean that is all gays, you are ridiculous.
The blogs are used for exposing otherwise constructive matters close it"


"From: Carla

Carla has left a new comment on your post "Hugh Jackman is gay":

well, if to be respected like normal human beings needs to betray
every day his own wife and to go in bed only with under age girls, now
I understand because the world makes to vomit. Do I bet that you
belong to this category, right?"

Yes, their names are Nina and Carla, and they will not let you touch Hugh Jackman's izzat. I am highly amused.

Also... I was giving him a compliment!!! I love that guy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

More comics

Something very raw and honest about how this comic is drawn..

Also - they are naked a lot!

Anders loves Maria

Sometimes it's necessary..

to clarify whether someone wants advice or sympathy..

Sunday, July 5, 2009


"Extremist ideologies
only work
when they agree with mine!"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Said by friend today:
"i think true love is actually when you enjoy giving that person BJs"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brothers Bloom Trailer

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slum justice

Today, a friend posted about the "Free hugs campaign" on facebook.

Also today, I saw this:
The rise of the Taliban, the fall of Karachi

Hug a Taliban? Err..

I am reading Shantaram right now. It's a book about this Australian criminal who ran away from prison and settled in a Bombay slum and I just finished a chapter describing slum justice. The story goes like this:

A man called Joseph regularly got drunk and beat up his wife. All the neighbors and most people in the slum knew about this but had kept silent, until one day when they heard the screams and the shouts and the beating and it got to be too much. The woman's blood stained naked body fell out of their (the man and his wife's) slum quarters and the women in the neighborhood wrapped her up in a yellow sari and carried her off. At this point the slum head had decided intervention was necessary. And it went as follows.

The man while still drunk was offered a drink for his troubles, which he tentatively accepted.
Then another
and another until he started refusing it, but they kept forcing it down his throat until he passed out.
After a while they woke him up and he started asking for water, which he was refused and instead offered another bottle of daru. Every time he asked for water, more and more of the alcohol was thrust down his throat, until he fainted again.
Then after five minutes he was woken up yet again and then they started beating him and asking him if he knew what he had done.

In any case, to cut a long and painful story short, they tortured him, made him believe he had killed his wife, kept depriving him of water only offering him more and more alcohol until he felt true remorse, they almost literally beat the devil out him, until "All the spite and defiance in him was defeated. He sobbed the name of his wife over and over again."

And then they bathed him and gave him water, he got hugs and kind words and a chance to redeem himself and he found out that his wife was not dead although it was up to her if she wanted to come back to him or not.

The leader of the slum then said "In this way is justice done, because justice is a judgment that is both fair and forgiving. Justice is not done until everyone is satisfied, even those who offend us and must be punished by us. You can see, by the way we have done...., that justice is not only the way we punish those who do wrong. it is also the way we try to save them."

The point of this story... I guess.. is that I want to beat the shit out of the Taliban and other morality police equivalents until they feel remorse and are begging for mercy. And then some more till they realize that Allah is not on their side, and they have no power no agency nothing left and then some more until they realize they deserve it and accept the punishment and then when there is nothing left Juan Mann can go hug them all he wants.

On a side note, this was basically a more shaped out, intense version of typical abusive relationships (abuse and then offer love and then abuse again) + the good cop bad cop routine (punish and then offer redemption - maybe).

In any case, a lot of people need hugs in this world but I think a lot of people also need and in fact want punishment, because punishment is a precursor to forgiveness and redemption.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another gay movie: IBTC

Film Synopsis

"The New Wave Puritans"

Interesting article on "New Wave Puritans"

They're the New Puritans. A generation of young, educated and opinionated people determined to sidestep the consumerist perils of modern life. So if you own a 4x4, spend all your time shopping, or are simply overweight - watch your back. Lucy Siegle meets the moral minority aiming to mend our ways

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tortured souls, neurotic women - brought to you by Woody Allen

What she says about the Maria Elena character:

"She suffers tremendously because she lives in a different reality from the rest of society.

She feels everything very much - the good the bad, and she was told as a kid that she was a genius and that feeling everything so much was gonna stop her from developing her amazing talent.

Whoever put that in her head destroyed her. She lives like a victim in a way, even if she's so strong.

She is convinced that she will never recover because she is too special to recover."

"She is defending a reality that didn't match the reality of the rest of the characters. and she defends it in a very fierce way."

Friday, March 13, 2009

Loving the punchline ! A lesbian reference on an Indian award show!

Enough gay references - about time there were some lesbian references too!

Monday, March 9, 2009

What the...?? The Season Finale of The L Word

I just saw the final episode of The L Word and I just have to say... what the..????

There was absolutely no resolution! I am seriously quite pissed off at the writers, cuz the characters and acting and concepts (well some of them) were brilliant and ending it on this note does not do any of them justice! It looks like something someone put together at 3am in the morning before a deadline! (also in general, the series for a long time has not been living up to the potential of the characters)

This pretty much says everything I want to say.

...except the frustration I am feeling over Bette (and Tina) stubbornly refusing to adopt Max's baby when Max clearly needs someone to adopt the baby and B & T (whose sex scenes have gotten lamer and more unnecessary as the seasons have gone on) clearly need someone to adopt from... it just seems like B is being obnoxious for no reason, and since I have been identifying with her (and Helena and Alice - combine the three) in the series from day one, I do not appreciate her behaving like this and it makes no sense and she doesn't even offer a justification!

And Helena and Dylan? Come on, really? Dylan is so annoying and boring (or maybe - probably - she's just a bad actor) - Helena really needs to find someone more interesting to angst over.

..and as far as Jenny is concerned, she probably fell over the unfinished railing or jumped or something cuz none of them are really murderers and Jenny does have that incessant, unresolved, self destructiveness driving a lot of her actions. And if the writers decided one of them is a murderer.. then that's just really stupid of them.

And I don't get why everyone - including the characters, were surprised or amused by the jenny shane hookup, they've clearly got the whole saver savior thing going, so it totally makes sense that they hook up and things happen the way they did, in fact that's the only thing that actually did look realistic in this season. And with Jenny, I don't understand why everyone hates on her so much, I mean she's got problems and yeah she provokes other characters in the show, but that's no reason for the *viewers* to hate her... I mean lesbians hating someone for having problems is kind of hypocritical.

Basically, my point is, this whole season sucked and made absolutely no sense.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

For all us Pakis...

who don't get where the big taboo about first cousin marriages comes from (besides the ew factor which really isnt a valid reason to make things illegal..):

Cousin Marriage - What's Science Got to Do With It?

In other news... the news is REALLY REALLY depressing these days. Unemployment, wars, terrorism... Not pleasant... I know it's all great and honorable to expose the truth.. but can't you report cheerful, happy things? Even if they're small, just to take the edge off?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I just added this blog to my links... and while I completely endorse this blog in every other way for its awesomeness, I just wanted to say - OASIS DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF LESBIANS!

That's all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pakistan, the economy, the taleban.. general despair..!

What the hell is happening?

First of all, it's bad enough that the world economy is going to hell and people are losing their jobs and funding and well livelihood left right and center, but the Taleban seem to *actually* be taking over Pakistan!

"In the past year, Pakistan has overtaken both Iraq and Afghanistan in the number of suicide attacks, with casualties numbering over 600."

This year is not going to be pretty.. Obama... I take back the anger at you wanting to attack Pakistan. PLEASE DO. Just... you know.. minimize innocent bystander casualties? But really, the Taleban need to go - somehow! They are insane. They can't be reasoned with, they murder left right and center, for the most psychotic of reasons! The sad thing is the article goes on to say that the Pakistanis are dealing with it with the two tools they have always used: resignation and denial. Sigh. Hold on my fellow country peoples. And the ones who secretly agree with the Taleban, twenty slaps on both sides for you assholes.

And our government and army and ISI, why aren't you attacking them when you KNOW where their strongholds are??????


PS: I have been reminded the article I read was from a newspaper called The Hindu and I should take Indian biases into account before taking the article at face value. I guess that's a good point..

PPS: And no, I don't really want anyone bombing my country, whether their middle name is Hussain or not!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blast from the Past!

So I find this "queer desi blog" and while reading it kept thinking the writing style looked really familiar until it suddenly hits me that OMG I know who this is, because we (being "birdie"(??) and I) kinda almost bumped pretties at one point...

When I met her, she reminded me of how intense I used to be when I was her age, and something else was familiar - not sure. it might have just been that she is also from Pakistan, but I think it was more her features, she had my grand-dad's features. Also her insistence on acting like a straight guy with girls - I used to do that, then when I met her, I had consciously decided to try out being "the girl" in my interactions, which I guess fit with us almost bumping etcs. except I wasn't very comfortable in the role, and I felt a little schizophrenic watching her play my role (also I was in this weird place where I had just stopped speaking to my epic first crazy r/s person, and several other things were going on.. ANYway)... it's been almost 2 years since, and I've realized I don't need to decide on a role, it's fun to play roles, but I don't really have to decide on one, you play off of each-other, things happen, different things with different people. Err.. yeah..


Um. yeah.

I think I need something deeply satisfying so I am not so restlessly looking for novelty to keep me engaged..? distracted..? Growing up sucks. The older you get the more you want.. no... the better quality you want... be it furniture, or relationships, we start demanding more meaning, more depth, more quality, more .. something...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blogging intentions: updated

I started this blog about 9 months ago to have my own little "sex and the city" column. Except I don't date much, and even worse I am intentionally going through a very dry spell right now as I try to figure out what the hell is going on with my life. So ironically enough, I have drifted from the stated intent of the blog to the actual title of the blog. I am in the midst of a serious Quarter Life CRISIS!!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The female Hitch?

In a previous post about dating, when I went on a date with a (unbeknown to be me) married man, I talked about how my friend advised me to .. well basically look sexy, and the way I expressed it in my feminazi post was to make him sound like a chauvinist who is promoting objectification of women, which of course made him very happy :P (note: sarcasm)

In any case.. watch the trailer.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Survival in today's economy

When you are starving, and the people around you aren't.. and they watch helplessly cuz they don't know how to help you. You feel anger, frustration, resentment, disappointment. They don't know what you need, they don't have it to give it to you. And you feel desperate, so you resent them, looking for something someone to quench your hunger.

There must be a term for this. There is survivor guilt, but what do the people who don't survive feel (assuming they are still alive). Resentment. Abandonment. Because people naturally feel the need to stick together, and people naturally expect that... Except capitalistic society these days, works on the assumption that human beings are selfish, and will automatically pick the individual over the group... and based on society rules, and what we are told, we do exactly that. We look after our own survival, but it's not nearly as simple as that. Our natural human instincts are still there, the anger, resentment, guilt continues to exist. We know in the end, we survive better as a group than alone.

I found this article about Lay-off Survivors. Capitalism continues doing what it does, and the unnatural nature of it leaves us uneasy.