Monday, March 9, 2009

What the...?? The Season Finale of The L Word

I just saw the final episode of The L Word and I just have to say... what the..????

There was absolutely no resolution! I am seriously quite pissed off at the writers, cuz the characters and acting and concepts (well some of them) were brilliant and ending it on this note does not do any of them justice! It looks like something someone put together at 3am in the morning before a deadline! (also in general, the series for a long time has not been living up to the potential of the characters)

This pretty much says everything I want to say.

...except the frustration I am feeling over Bette (and Tina) stubbornly refusing to adopt Max's baby when Max clearly needs someone to adopt the baby and B & T (whose sex scenes have gotten lamer and more unnecessary as the seasons have gone on) clearly need someone to adopt from... it just seems like B is being obnoxious for no reason, and since I have been identifying with her (and Helena and Alice - combine the three) in the series from day one, I do not appreciate her behaving like this and it makes no sense and she doesn't even offer a justification!

And Helena and Dylan? Come on, really? Dylan is so annoying and boring (or maybe - probably - she's just a bad actor) - Helena really needs to find someone more interesting to angst over.

..and as far as Jenny is concerned, she probably fell over the unfinished railing or jumped or something cuz none of them are really murderers and Jenny does have that incessant, unresolved, self destructiveness driving a lot of her actions. And if the writers decided one of them is a murderer.. then that's just really stupid of them.

And I don't get why everyone - including the characters, were surprised or amused by the jenny shane hookup, they've clearly got the whole saver savior thing going, so it totally makes sense that they hook up and things happen the way they did, in fact that's the only thing that actually did look realistic in this season. And with Jenny, I don't understand why everyone hates on her so much, I mean she's got problems and yeah she provokes other characters in the show, but that's no reason for the *viewers* to hate her... I mean lesbians hating someone for having problems is kind of hypocritical.

Basically, my point is, this whole season sucked and made absolutely no sense.

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gaycaviar said...

Bloody horrible season.