Sunday, July 12, 2009

Um.. ok

So I posted Hugh Jackman is Gay on my other blog (btw I doubt he actually is: his response to gay rumors), along with my little joke theory about why he is gay... and two very disgruntled females decided to blast me..

Apparently they've been googling "Hugh Jackman is Gay" and blasting everyone who dares claim it!

"From: Nina

Nina has left a new comment on your post "Hugh Jackman is gay":

Do you know him personally? No. You bases such affirmations
exclusively on very stupid gossip expressed by others superficial as
you that they don't know him or they suppose to know him from details
that they don't mean anything.
Wake up and careful with the superficial sentences , the world is full
of young men gotten married to older and less beautiful women of them,
this doesn't mean that is all gays, you are ridiculous.
The blogs are used for exposing otherwise constructive matters close it"


"From: Carla

Carla has left a new comment on your post "Hugh Jackman is gay":

well, if to be respected like normal human beings needs to betray
every day his own wife and to go in bed only with under age girls, now
I understand because the world makes to vomit. Do I bet that you
belong to this category, right?"

Yes, their names are Nina and Carla, and they will not let you touch Hugh Jackman's izzat. I am highly amused.

Also... I was giving him a compliment!!! I love that guy!

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gaycaviar said...

They were probably hired by his wife to quash the gay rumors?

No seriously though, the man is gorgeous.