Monday, February 9, 2009

Pakistan, the economy, the taleban.. general despair..!

What the hell is happening?

First of all, it's bad enough that the world economy is going to hell and people are losing their jobs and funding and well livelihood left right and center, but the Taleban seem to *actually* be taking over Pakistan!

"In the past year, Pakistan has overtaken both Iraq and Afghanistan in the number of suicide attacks, with casualties numbering over 600."

This year is not going to be pretty.. Obama... I take back the anger at you wanting to attack Pakistan. PLEASE DO. Just... you know.. minimize innocent bystander casualties? But really, the Taleban need to go - somehow! They are insane. They can't be reasoned with, they murder left right and center, for the most psychotic of reasons! The sad thing is the article goes on to say that the Pakistanis are dealing with it with the two tools they have always used: resignation and denial. Sigh. Hold on my fellow country peoples. And the ones who secretly agree with the Taleban, twenty slaps on both sides for you assholes.

And our government and army and ISI, why aren't you attacking them when you KNOW where their strongholds are??????


PS: I have been reminded the article I read was from a newspaper called The Hindu and I should take Indian biases into account before taking the article at face value. I guess that's a good point..

PPS: And no, I don't really want anyone bombing my country, whether their middle name is Hussain or not!


gaycaviar said...

because the army and especially the ISI are in bed with them. most of the time anyway.

the US attacking pakistan won't do anything except cause tremendous damage and loss - in terms of infrastructure and human life. in addition it will leave a vacuum extremists will be more than happy to fill.

the taliban won't succeed in pakistan. we are a resilient people, albeit hypocritical.


Thakki Patang said...

We may be a resilient people, but how long can we survive with our own government not doing anything to protect us?

Thakki Patang said...

ok i didnt mean to sound like fox news there..

gaycaviar said...

it's not that simple. government or no government, strong nations are made up of strong people - and even though we are resilient, we are also hypocritical. the majority of the country is not opposed to the taliban/strong religious influences.

therefore even if the government were to step in (which will never happen since Zardari is too busy filling with pockets and hitting on anything that moves), the support (on ground largely, especially in areas such as FATA) has to come from the people.

the people won't fight against the taliban and will continue to be largely anti-US until shit hits the fan. let's hope that does not happen.

regardless, the US intervening will not help. Pakistanis (majority and otherwise) tend to be more anti-US than pro-Taliban. the pro-Taliban stance is almost a default...any US involvement will only give the Taliban more credibility.

Um. yeah sorry didn't mean to sound like a washed up politico there.

In other news, the minute the anti-gay ordinances and provisions of the penal code are revised I will step up and run for president. my logo will be a rainbow. since we're bum chums now I better have your vote.

Thakki Patang said...

lol sure thing! I will keep a lookout for the rainbow candidate!

but honestly, what is wrong with pakistanis that they can't see how sick the taleban are???

gaycaviar said...

they like to think of themselves as very self-righteous. thus the hypocrisy.

Thakki Patang said...

I think Pakistanis just have some sort of secret hatred of women. There is absolutely no other reason to support the Taleban.

gaycaviar said...

Butttt....I'm Pakistani and I love women?

Thakki Patang said...

I meant the men who support taleban obviously!!!!

gaycaviar said...

I know. I was being incredulous. Um.