Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama and his obsession with invading Pakistan

Yes, Pakistan is in trouble.
Yes, there is terrorism there.
But for god's sake, butt out!

The real reason terrorism isn't being handled in Pakistan is because the Pakistani people cannot unite against it. And the main reason they can't is because US involvement has created this dichotomy of either you are pro-US interference or you are pro-Islamists! Which is ridiculous and an unfair choice to be forced to make. People are too busy being angry about how the US is bullying their country, to actually unite against the other problem they have which is the terrorism and extremist islam growing in their country. And the more the US talks about being strong on terrorism, the more support the terrorists will get in Pakistan. It's like someone has an infectious disease (terrorism) and instead of letting people who care about the person (Pakistanis) find a cure, you (the US), because you are a paranoid control freak, just want to go in and kill the person (Pakistan) so they can't spread it around. Of course the disease (terrorism) isn't dependent on the person (Pakistan) to survive and will probably escape and infect someone else, so the solution not only kills the person (destroys Pakistan), it also doesn't actually get rid of the problem! And of course, the people wanting to fight the disease (terrorism) are too busy defending the person (Pakistan) against you (the US), to be able to prioritize fighting the actual disease (terrorism).

Honestly, in general I am pro liberal Obama democratic etc, mainly cuz, I like liberal social values, but this whole obsession with invading my country, makes me want to kick him in the face!


Anonymous said...

If you're going to call Obama out on this, and I think you have full license and justification to do so, you might at least be fair and call McCain out for the exact same thinking. The only difference is that McCain would keep quiet about sending troops in until they were already there.

Look, like I said I fully get where you're coming from - and interventionism in foreign policy is one of America's biggest weak spots (in my opinion).

Yet to claim that Obama has some obsession with invading Pakistan is to pin on him the sins of the predominant view of all Americans and a sad mistake. Blame Obama, fine - but blame McCain, the congress, the senate, and the American public while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

*that should have read "a majority of Americans" not "all".

Thakki Patang said...

It's not about whether he's going to actually invade or not, it is about creating anti-US sentiment in Pakistan by repeatedly TALKING about invading Pakistan. Which makes it harder to unite the Pakistani people, which makes it harder to combat terrorism in Pakistan... so it's just irresponsible to keep saying that. And on that point, McCain IS being more diplomatic and careful.

Paul C said...

Thakki Patang,

I don't think I have ever read the situation in Pakistan/terrorism explained so well, in so few words.