Thursday, August 28, 2008

Follow up to my Thinspiration blog

The French National Assembly has passed a groundbreaking bill which seeks to criminalise the promotion in the media of extreme thinness.

The article.

If approved by France's upper house, those found to have encouraged severe weight loss could be fined up to 45,000 euros and face three years in prison.

This is brilliant. Finally, the country that is the source of the unhealthy obsession with looking like a skeleton (aka the center of the fashion industry) has put it's foot down!

The law could also affect the fashion industry and magazine editors who publish photographs of extremely thin models.

If the bill is passed by France's upper house, the Senate, in the coming weeks offenders could face jail sentences of up to two years and 30,000 euros ($47,387; £23,980) in fines.

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