Friday, July 25, 2008

Another gay movie!

There's something so romantic about forbidden angsty love... and now that straight love is acceptable between race, religion and class... gay love is the only love you can watch in a movie about forbidden love and actually buy into. Nothing else is forbidden anymore..

Yes I know it's a good thing that things aren't forbidden... but you have to admit, the romance, the excitement, the passion in the struggle to cross forbidden barriers is something you end up missing out on!


Anonymous said...

You could also just watch god awful versions of Romeo and Juliet (like the one with Claire and Leo) or Jet Li's "Romeo Must Die".

I don't recommend it, but you could.

r said...

that's hot. how on earth do you manage to find all these gay movies? (with exceptionally attractive women, i should mention)

Thakki Patang said...

It's a talent, what can I say =D